House of Commons
Use of facial recognition technology by South Wales Police at Cardiff City v Swansea City
EDM #69
Tabled 28 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House condemns the use of facial recognition technology by South Wales Police at the Cardiff City versus Swansea City football match on Sunday 27 October 2019; denounces the use of facial recognition technology by police forces; acknowledges the rights, freedoms and privacy infringed upon by the use of facial recognition technology; notes with concern that facial recognition technology records and downloads sensitive biometric data of unknowing free citizens without consent; is alarmed about the high level of inaccuracy associated with facial recognition algorithms, with more than 2000 people wrongly identified as possible criminals when the technology was used at the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff; is particularly concerned at evidence of the discriminatory nature of facial recognition technology towards women and minorities; doubts the notion that facial recognition technology meets the legal test of necessary in a democratic society established by human rights law; further notes that the Football Supporters' Association Wales opposes the use of the technology; notes the lack of parliamentary discussion and debate on this issue; believes that South Wales Police should follow the example of North Wales Police and Dyfed Powys Police who do not use facial recognition technology; and urges the Government to ban facial recognition technology to protect and withhold a free democratic society.

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