House of Commons
Cardowan Pit Memorial
EDM #76
Tabled 29 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House welcomes the creation of the Cardowan Pit Memorial in Stepps; recognises the importance of Cardowan Pit to the local community during its sixty years in operation; believes that the memorial serves as a fitting tribute to the over fifty-five men who lost their lives working in the pit; notes the historical significance of Cardowan Pit for the trade union movement with figures such as Mick McGahey and Nicky Wilson having worked there; commends the efforts of Councillor John McLaren, Robert Meek, Sheila Stuart and Campbell Provan in leading the Cardowan Pit Memorial Project; and congratulates all those involved in the successful unveiling ceremony of the Cardowan Pit Memorial.

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