House of Commons
Walk and Talk event supporting men's mental health and suicide prevention campaign
EDM #81
Tabled 29 October 2019
2019-19 Session
That this House recognises the Walk and Talk event taking place in Dundee on Friday 8 November 2019 to raise awareness of men's mental health issues and suicide prevention; welcomes the efforts to draw attention to this important issue by organisers including Richard Peter-Tennant of Newport on Tay with support from the Scottish FA East Region, Dundee Football Club, Federation of DUSC, the Campaign Against Living Miserably and Andy's Man Club, Dundee; notes the support of local businesses including the Balgay Bar and Asda, Kirkton, as well as support for the initiative from the Scottish Government, Police Scotland and Dundee Council; and hopes that by raising awareness the event will help reach out to those who may need assistance during a difficult time in their life.

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