House of Commons
Climate Parliament
EDM #1
Tabled 19 December 2019
2019-21 Session
That this House notes this Government could be responsible for five of the remaining 11 years the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned are left to halve global emissions and limit warming to 1.5C; further notes that the Committee on Climate Change report in July 2019 revealed the Government had delivered just one of 25 critical policies needed to get on track to meet previous, less stringent, emissions targets than net zero by 2050, and that the UK's climate credibility rested on decisive Government action over thesubsequent 18 months; considers therefore that this Parliament will be regarded as the Climate Parliament and must seize this opportunity to ensure adequate action is taken to avoid the worst impacts of climate breakdown; welcomes the fact that the UK will host the UN climate summit COP26 in December 2020; considers success at this summit means recognising the moral imperative of doing everything possible to keep temperature rise to 1.5C, and the vast human cost to people around the world, including the UK, from extreme weather, food insecurity, sea level rise, and other events exacerbated by the climate crisis; urges the Government therefore to make addressing the climate emergency the central priority for domestic policy-making across all departments and on the global stage; and calls on the Government to enact a comprehensive Green New Deal, including the release of necessary funding to allow local authorities to lead, to rapidly decarbonise the entire UK economy while creating a fair and just society.

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