House of Commons
Committee on arms export controls
EDM #24
Tabled 20 December 2019
2019-20 Session
That this House notes that in 1998 members of the Foreign Affairs, Trade, Defence and International Development Committees met together to scrutinise the Government's annual report on arms exports; further notes that this arrangement has been repeated annually and gradually became more formalised as the Committees on Arms Exports Controls (CAEC); expresses concern that, at a time when arms exports were an issue of major public interest, the CAEC in the last Parliament, as technically comprising four separate Committees, found it difficult to hold a quorate meeting; and calls for the establishment of a Committee on Arms Export Controls as a full non-departmental Select Committee, as was one of the recommendations from the 2017-19 CAEC, with an elected chair, members dedicated to it and adequate staffing so as to enable it to give effective scrutiny to a major cross-departmental issue.

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