House of Commons
Staff our Stations (SOS) campaign
EDM #38
Tabled 08 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House pays tribute to station staff on both the Mainline Railway and London Underground and the vital role that they play in helping to deliver a safe, secure and accessible railway; notes that station staff assist with train dispatch and safety at the platform-train interface, preventing suicides, helping make stations feel secure for more vulnerable passengers, deterring crime and terrorism, assisting older and disabled passengers and providing expert travel and ticket advice; condemns the increasing trend by Government and the train operating companies to reduce and casualise station staff, leading to the de-staffing of stations and closure of ticket offices which threatens passenger service and safety, especially at a time of rising violence and crime on the railway; and supports the Staff Our Stations (SOS) campaign launched by the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, which opposes station closures and cuts to station staff and ticket offices, and promotes the benefits to passengers of fully staffed stations.