House of Commons
Prescribed Medicinal Cannabis
EDM #41
Tabled 09 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises the benefits of prescribed medical cannabis for people suffering with chronic pain, epilepsy and a variety of other conditions; welcomes the legalisation around the use of prescribed medical cannabis on 1 November 2018; but regrets the difficulties patients and their families continue to face accessing prescribed medical cannabis that their consultants have prescribed through the NHS; further regrets the restrictive NHS guidelines that prevents most patients from accessing it and deters specialist consultants from prescribing it; condemns the two-tier system that this has created where only those who can afford to pay for the prescription have easy and ready access to prescribed medical cannabis; and calls on the Government to use every means necessary to ensure that NHS patients have easy access to prescribed medical cannabis should their specialist consultant prescribe it for them

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