House of Commons
25th Anniversary of the Govan Law Centre
EDM #42
Tabled 09 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That the House commends the work of the Govan Law Centre as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary, an essential community asset which provides access to justice and campaigns for greater social justice on behalf of the people of Glasgow; lauds their proud track record of pioneering new legal remedies and defending eviction actions, including the work they have done for asylum seekers, the homeless and on behalf of those living in inappropriate accommodation; notes that the Govan Law Centre drafted the text for the first Private Members Bill, introduced, and passed, in the Scottish Parliament twenty years ago, as well as writing the School Meals (Scotland) Bill, both paving the way for radical reform in the field of debt and money advice and healthy and nutritious school meals; celebrates the ground breaking self-help toolkits forged by the Govan Law Centre including the UK bank charges campaign, the Payday Loan survival toolkit and the Bedroom Tax toolkit; congratulates everyone involved with the success of the Govan Law Centre over the years including Principal Solicitor Mike Dailly, the staff past and present, the volunteers and the funders who have included Glasgow City Council, The Scottish Government, the Oak Foundation and The Big Lottery; and supports the continued work of the Law Centre in the coming years and wishes them every success in all their endeavours supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Glasgow.