House of Commons
World Cancer Day
EDM #59
Tabled 13 January 2020
2019-20 Session
That this House recognises World Cancer Day on 4 February 2020; welcomes a drive to improve cancer early detection rates; understands that radiotherapy is needed in 40% of cancer cures with one in four of the population needing radiotherapy at some point in their lives; notes the campaigning work of radiotherapy4life which has highlighted that the radiotherapy service is already in need of significant investment and more coherent commissioning; accepts that the need for such investment and improved commissioning will only increase as more cancers are detected earlier; and welcomes the updated Manifesto for Radiotherapy published by the all-party group on Radiotherapy which is calling for a proportion of the recently announced increased NHS funding to be invested in the radiotherapy service to provide a one-off £250 million investment in satellite centres to allow local access, a further £140 million to replace ageing radiotherapy machines and IT, and the additional increase of £100 million in the annual budget to ensure the support and workforce required to make access to advance radiotherapy the norm, as well as a fully funded central rolling machine replacement programme, all supported by a new Tsar-like figure to ensure coherent commissioning and organisation.

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