House of Commons
Adult Social Care
EDM #64
Tabled 15 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises with concern the widespread funding and staffing shortfall in social care services; welcomes the commitment in all major party manifestos to seek reform of the social care sector; notes the significant challenges an ageing population poses for local authorities and the NHS; further recognises the significant increase in need for services for working age adults; further notes the important role social care services play in helping citizens live independently and with dignity whilst providing early intervention to prevent more serious health problems; notes the need for a parity of esteem between NHS services and social care services and recognises the critical role local care services have to play in supporting the health service; further notes the significant work that has already been done to seek cross party consensus on the future of social care; calls on the Government urgently to bring forward the development of firm and detailed proposals on a cross-party basis for a fair and sustainable funding settlement to ensure the sustainable long term provision of social care services to enable everyone who needs social care to access the support they need and to live with dignity.

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