House of Commons
Children and mental health legislation
EDM #73
Tabled 20 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the announcement in the Queen’s Speech that the Mental Health Act will be reformed; agrees that current legislation is out of step with a modern mental healthcare system and that people must have a service that affords them the dignity and respect that they deserve; further notes that the announcement made no mention of the urgent needs of children; contends that unless their needs are embedded into a new Mental Health Act as a central priority such legislation will be fundamentally flawed; calls on the Government to guarantee that new mental health legislation will focus on children’s needs and protect them, ensure that services are provided by a properly qualified workforce and reflect policies that are informed by the best available evidence; and further calls on the Government to focus on the needs of parents and carers and guarantee to bring forward such legislative proprosals at the earliest possible opportunity.

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