House of Commons
Kashmiri people
EDM #90
Tabled 21 January 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House calls on the Government to use all diplomatic and economic measures at its disposal to influence the Indian and Pakistan Governments to ensure that democracy is respected and that the Kashmiri people are at the heart of any constitutional reform of the region, including respecting both the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, particularly UNSCR 47 which refers to the people of Jammu and Kashmir having the right to self-determination and the 1972 Simla Agreement which refers to the future of Jammu and Kashmir being determined by peaceful means; and urges the Government to use all international fora to press for the rule of law in Kashmir to be upheld and human rights protected by lifting the telecommunications black out and allowing independent, international observers to the region as well as supporting the assistance of a UN Special Envoy for Kashmir in facilitating a peaceful and sustainable future for Kashmir.