House of Commons
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EDM #2383
Tabled 22 July 1993
1992-93 Session
That this House calls for a full inquiry into the Foundation for Business Responsibilities, a bogus charity run by the right-wing pressure group, the Aims of Industry, and to investigate the roles of Sir Nigel Mobbs and Michael Ivens, who have been respectively the Chairman and Director of both organisations, into the slush-fund which laundered money through the Foundation for Business Responsibilities to pay for a political campaign managed by the public relations firm Marketforce Communications before the 1990 local elections; notes that Sir Nigel Mobbs is the chief executive of the property company Slough Estates which has donated handsomely to the Tory Party, the Aims of Industry and the Economic League; notes that Dame Shirley Porter used the Foundation for Business Responsibilities to launder cash, firstly from Gerald Ronson and other businessmen for a campaign against the Greater London Council in the mid-1980s, and secondly, from the slush-fund she and her advisers had set up for the Marketforce campaign before the 1990 local elections; and calls on Westminster Council Tories to reveal who donated to this ú98,000 election slush-fund.

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