House of Commons
Blackhill and Provanmill in Glasgow and youth crime
EDM #143
Tabled 06 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House acknowledges the success of St Paul’s Youth Forum in the North East of Glasgow on reducing gang related violence by 97 per cent since 2006; recognises the number of youth crimes reduced from 116 in 2006 to just two in 2016 and understands they achieved this by investing just £80,000 a year in dedicated youth work; applauds the breadth of work undertaken by the young people and youth workers, from the health and wellbeing project where vegetables are grown and eaten locally to the youth led local radio station BOLT FM, and from On Bikes which enables young people to make use of and repair bicycles to youth exchange trips from Blackhill and Provanmill to Zambia; endorses the approach of empowering young people to take on responsibility for the project; and applauds trustees of the board and the dedicated staff and volunteers led by Neil Young.