House of Commons
Sue Ryder bereavement campaign
EDM #149
Tabled 10 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes with concern the poor mental health, including feelings of depression and anxiety, experienced by nearly half of people after a bereavement as revealed in Sue Ryder’s recent survey; notes that this is partly a result of a lack of conversation in society around grief with a third of bereaved people feeling unable to talk openly about their loss; recognises the reluctance of people to start a conversation with someone who is bereaved with over half being scared they would say the wrong thing and nearly half not knowing what to say; commends Sue Ryder for launching the #JustSaySomething campaign; encourages people who have been bereaved to open up to their support network and ask for help from their GP if they need it, those supporting someone struggling with their grief to encourage conversation and be ready to listen and for people supporting those who are grieving to find tips on how to do this on the Sue Ryder website; and further recognises the role of public figures in society in facilitating and encouraging everyone dealing with bereavement to talk freely when they want to and to create as compassionate a society as possible.

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