House of Commons
Implementation of the Peace Accord by the Colombian Government
EDM #150
Tabled 10 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House is concerned by the slow implementation of many areas of the Peace Accord in Colombia, including rural reform, crop substitution and victims’ rights to justice which lie at the root of the conflict, as well as the often disproportionate use of force by officials in response to social protest; notes with alarm that areas vacated by the FARC have been filled by other illegal armed groups and militarised more generally, resulting in local populations being marginalised and threatened; urges the Colombian Government to comply with Resolution 1190/2018 of the Ministry of the Interior when addressing social protest, to seriously consider making the National Police accountable to civilian authorities rather than the Ministry of Defence, to investigate and prosecute alleged perpetrators of on-going attacks and killings of social leaders and human rights defenders, and to implement all elements of the Peace Accord, as well as territorial development plans (PDETs); and calls on the Government to closely monitor spending by the Colombian Government of the UK’s funding for the implementation of the Peace Accord, to continue playing a key role on the UN Security Council on Colombia, including with the Verification Mission, whose mandate should be renewed for a further three years, and to continue supporting the Colombian Government and civil society in fully implementing the Peace Accord to achieve a sustainable peace.