House of Commons
Eden Court Theatre and Cinema funding
EDM #161
Tabled 11 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates Eden Court Theatre and Cinema, the largest single-site arts venue in Scotland, on being awarded funding by the Scottish Goverment's CashBack for Communities scheme which takes money recovered under proceeds of crime laws and invests it into communities; notes that this funding will allow the delivery of an ambitious three year arts project for vulnerable and at-risk young Highlanders aged 12-24; highlights that over the past 10 years Eden Court have enabled hundreds of vulnerable young people at risk of social exclusion to find a purpose through the arts helping them blossom into empowered and compassionate citizens; and recognises that with the support of Cashback for Communities, Eden Court will enable some of the Highlands most vulnerable young people to discover arts and culture, and in doing so will consolidate Eden Court's role as a centre for the arts and culture in the Highlands.