House of Commons
Removal of free TV licences for over-75s
EDM #165
Tabled 12 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House supports the urgent reversal of the decision to make over-75s pay for TV licences; notes with concern that over 240,000 households in Scotland could be hit by the decision; further notes that 73 per cent of households in Scotland with someone aged over 75 could have their TV licence taken away and that over three million households across the UK are at risk of being affected; is concerned that many over-75s who are eligible for Pension Credit, but not currently claiming it, will be liable to pay the £154.50 TV licence fee; believes that responsibility for funding free TV licences should never have been handed over by the UK Government to the BBC; strongly believes that licence fees should be set independently of the Government to prevent the Government from short-changing pensioners in the future; and calls on the Government to fully fund licences for over-75s.

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