House of Commons
In-work poverty
EDM #173
Tabled 12 February 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House expresses concern that according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation UK Poverty Report 2019-20 the proportion of people in work who live in poverty went up for the third consecutive year to a record high; further notes that according to the report 7 in 10 children in poverty are now in a working family; is alarmed that after a decade of austerity too many people remain trapped in low-paid insecure work and invariably are failed by the social security system; believes that the UK needs a society with higher living standards for everyone and that no-one should lack the means to survive or have to choose between life's essentials; and therefore calls on the Government to eliminate in-work poverty by ending austerity, raising living standards and empowerment in the workplace, strengthening and expanding public services free at the point of use paid for fairly through taxation, and making sure that the social security system looks after people in their time of need.

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