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EDM #2011
Tabled 13 May 1993
1992-93 Session
There has been an amendment to this EDM.
That this House notes with considerable alarm the reports that President Clinton's interagency report on nuclear testing is recommending the negotiating of a 1 kiloton threshold limit treaty rather than a comprehensive test ban; considers such a proposal to be against the spirit and letter of the U.S. testing moratorium legislation which President Clinton has hitherto vigorously supported; commends the British Government's recent stance on the test ban issue, stressing the need to move more rapidly towards the goal of a CTB and abbreviate the timetable by every possible means; urges the Government to oppose such moves on the part of the Americans; and strongly urges President Clinton to remain at the head of what he has previously referred to as 'the parade' to ban nuclear testing forever.

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