House of Commons
Lesmahagow Male Voice Choir
EDM #251
Tabled 04 March 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates the Lesmahagow Male Voice Choir on reaching its 100th anniversary; commends the choir for having the goal of improving musical education and social life of the young people of Lesmahagow; praises the excellent leadership of the present conductor, Oksana Mavrodii and all previous conductors; notes the choir's participation in the Scottish Massed Male Voice Choir and its appearances at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall; further commends the choir for giving local talented musicians and school groups the opportunity to perform at its annual concert; recognises the choir's desire to raise money for organisations in central Scotland throughout its history; acknowledges the importance of social groups such as choirs in building a strong community spirit; and wishes all past, present and future members of the Lesmahagow Male Voice Choir every success in the future.

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