House of Commons
Real fur imports
EDM #267
Tabled 09 March 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House urges the Government to introduce legislation to ban the imports and sales of real fur products; notes that the UK has long banned the main methods of fur so-called production, namely leg-hold trapping and fur factory farming, due to their inherent cruelty; believes that, in view of these bans, it is hypocritical to continue to allow the import of real fur; further notes that the fur industry in the UK has significantly declined over the last 40 years, is now rejected by the majority of global fashion houses and UK high street retailers, and that fur sales are soon to be banned in California; acknowledges that there is a political and legal opportunity for a fur ban with the UK leaving the European Union; further acknowledges that there is widespread public support for a fur ban; and further believes that a fur ban is a natural extension of the existing import bans on cat and dog fur and commercial seal products, and that a comprehensive fur ban will help maintain the UK as a global leader in the promotion of animal welfare.

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