House of Commons
Automation and the future of work
EDM #279
Tabled 10 March 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the Government’s commitment to level up; notes that a co-ordinated, cross-departmental approach to creating the conditions for good work across the country will be necessary to achieve this goal; recognises research by the Institute for the Future of Work that shows people across the country are experiencing an increased sense of economic insecurity associated with automation; further notes that incentivising the adoption of technology and automation will be required to boost regional growth; notes that a collaborative approach to managing automation and the transition of people into new good jobs is therefore crucial; calls on the Government to initiate a Work 5.0 Strategy involving the Treasury and Departments of Education, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Work and Pensions and Health and Social Care to advance socially responsible automation across the UK; and seeks a commitment and dedicated budget for a collaborative process to develop this strategy.

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