House of Commons
Glasgow Afghan United
EDM #289
Tabled 12 March 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the work of Glasgow Afghan United (GAU), a community-led organisation in North of Glasgow that seeks to improve the lives of Afghan people and a wide range of ethnic minority communities in the city by promoting sport, health & well-being, social integration and active citizenship; congratulates GAU on its wide range of community work, including its women’s empowerment programme, educational classes for families, community and sports programmes for all ages; notes that GAU also run a number of successful community events celebrating occasions such as Afghan New Year as well as their highly popular annual refugee football tournament, which has attracted participants of over 50 nationalities and from a range of local charities and civic bodies; further notes the success of their recent multicultural Burns supper, held in Glasgow City Chambers, which celebrated the works of Robert Burns and renowned Afghan poet, Rumi, and which brought together members of the Afghan community along with many of the other diverse communities that make up Glasgow; further congratulates GAU on the deserved recognition it received by winning the Building Inclusive Communities category at the recent Herald and GenAnalytics Diversity Awards; commends GAU’s president Abdul Bostani who has recently been nominated as the Sports Person and Volunteer of the Year at the Glasgow Times awards for his hard work in the community; and wishes GAU every success for the future.

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