House of Commons
Closure of call centre sites during the covid-19 outbreak
EDM #324
Tabled 25 March 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes concerns expressed by call centre staff who are being asked to physically attend work despite the Government's covid-19 advice to stay at home; believes that such demands are in breach of the national covid-19 guidance as much of that work is not essential and all that work can be carried out remotely; asserts that the continuation of physical call centre operations where staff sit less than half a metre apart poses a serious risk to public health during this ongoing health crisis; calls on the Government to issue clear guidance on who does and does not qualify as a key worker, how social distancing should be enforced between key workers and to advise that all call centre operations should be carried out remotely; and further calls on the Government to ask call centre industry leaders why they have not addressed those issues.

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