House of Commons
Coronavirus and scams
EDM #444
Tabled 05 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House condemns the emerging trend of criminals seeking to exploit coronavirus with a new range of scams; welcomes the free scam alerts set up by Which?; urges people to forward any suspicious emails to the National Cyber Security Centre, and to highlight any online scams of which they become aware to the authorities so they can be removed; is concerned that scammers are using any means available, including emails, text messages, phone calls and even doorstep visits to perpetrate fraud; understands that scammers are taking advantage of the fact we are increasingly interacting online, with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre taking down more than 2,000 online coronavirus scams last month, including 471 fake online shops, 555 malicious content websites and?200 phishing sites seeking to obtain personal information such as passwords and card details; recognises some common scams have recently developed including the selling of fake coronavirus tests, fake vaccines and cures, bogus messages from HMRC regarding tax refunds and even demands that people pay fines for breaking lockdown rules; acknowledges that scam emails and other correspondence purporting to be from legitimate sources are often sophisticated and appear completely authentic; understands that people are safer if they only buy from trusted and legitimate retailers, and are extremely vigilant regarding any unsolicited contact at this time; and affirms that much like the coronavirus pandemic, it is only by coming together to protect one another that ruthless criminals seeking to profit from this health crisis will be defeated.