House of Commons
Death of Cathie Martin of the Calton
EDM #461
Tabled 11 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House marks the passing of Cathie Martin, resident and community activist in the Calton, and stalwart of the local housing association movement; recognises Cathie's long standing voluntary work on the Calton Community Council, and the Calton Area Association, which included the annual Calton Gala Day, Christmas parties for young people and families, and the establishment of Elcho Gardens; notes that Cathie became a member of Thenue Housing Association in 2001 and was appointed to the Board of Management in 2009; appreciates that in 2013 Cathie became a Board Member of Thenue Communities, which oversees the running of Calton Heritage and Learning Centre, of which she and other resident in the Calton fought to establish; thanks Cathie for her contribution to the life of the community in the Calton over the years; and expresses condolences to her daughters Jacqueline and Catherine, her son Scott, her five grandchildren, and to her many friends.

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