House of Commons
East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action
EDM #462
Tabled 11 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House commends the dedication and outstanding work of East Dunbartonshrie Voluntary Action supported by East Dunbartonshire Council; notes the evolving nature of the support they are providing during the covid-19 outbreak across East Dunbartonshire; further notes that the support provided included new volunteers and re-assigned employees within a short timescale; further notes the re-purposing of the OPAL Helpline which has quickly become a vital lifeline to many people throughout East Dunbartonshire; recognises the provision of additional key services at short notice including the delivery of food parcels, prescriptions, provisions of a telephone befriending service connecting with self-isolating and elderly constituents; and commends the exemplary work of volunteers across East Dunbartonshire who have consistently dedicated their time and efforts to assist those who are vulnerable.

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