House of Commons
Saltire Day Care Centre in East Kilbride
EDM #488
Tabled 18 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises the management and staff at Saltire Day Care Centre in East Kilbride for their response during the coronavirus pandemic towards those previously able to attend the centre; praises their incredible dedication by adapting to the needs of those in their carer community; commends Saltire staff who have continued to provide essential support by redeploying their resources towards home care, prescription and food deliveries alongside assisting other local authority carer staff with personal care for the elderly; acknowledges that they are also assisting with emergency responses within the community when required and that they have been advocating for those in need, providing moral support to carers and offering periods of respite support wherever possible; thanks the staff at the Saltire Daycare Centre for their continued selfless dedication within the community; and appreciates the efforts and devotion of everyone in the carer community who continue to provide an important lifeline for those most vulnerable.

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