House of Commons
76th Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar people deportation
EDM #496
Tabled 18 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes the deportation and ethnic cleansing of Crimean Tatars carried out between the 18th and 20th of May 1944, in which the Soviet Union forcefully removed over 180,000 Crimean Tatar people from their historic territory to distant areas of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation; honours the memory of those who died during that expulsion, believed to be almost half the entire Tatar population; notes the ban on the return to Crimea lasted until 1989; condemns the current illegal occupation of, and armed aggression against, Crimea by the Russian Federation and the systemic abuse of Tatar rights which has caused many people to flee their homeland; agrees with the joint statement by the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, issued on the 76th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar people deportation, which emphasises the inviolability of sovereignty and territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine; calls upon the Russian Federation to stop violations of international law and to fully implement UN General Assembly resolutions on the human rights situation in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; further calls on the Russian Federation to end its occupation of Crimea; and calls on the Government to ensure that no matter what attempts undertaken by the Russian Federation to seek to legitimise its occupation of the peninsula, that Crimea is part of Ukraine.

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