House of Commons
Extension of EU transition period
EDM #497
Tabled 18 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes with concern the UK Government’s stated position to stick rigidly to its timeline of ending the EU transition period in December 2020; recognises that this significantly increases the risk of a no-deal exit; further recognises that it will be impossible for the vast majority of businesses and communities to prepare for life outside the single market and customs union while coping with the effect of the covid-19 pandemic at the same time; notes that the devolved Governments did not give their consent to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Agreement legislation; concludes that the only realistic and reasonable approach is for the Government to revise its timeline for negotiation; further notes that Article 132 of the Withdrawal Agreement contains provisions for the UK-EU Joint Committee to adopt a single decision extending the transition for up to one or two years; calls on the Government to request a two-year extension to the transition period.

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