House of Commons
West Coast Furniture Bank in Stevenston
EDM #506
Tabled 18 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates the Stevenston-based charity, West Coast Furniture Bank, on securing recognition from the National Lottery through funding which will help it to continue its excellent work - providing furniture and everything needed to furnish a home to those in need; commends that charity and its hard-working and committed volunteers, who completed over 400 referrals in 2019; understands that referrals are made by organisations such as Women’s Aid, Barnardo’s, the NHS and local authorities, for clients who are experiencing hardship as a result of a variety of factors, such as age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, homelessness or domestic abuse; recognises that that charity also helps its volunteers progress to employment by providing important skills and work experience, as well as opportunities for volunteers to become part of a community that prevents loneliness and supports good mental health; and hopes that this fantastic charity and its volunteers continue to flourish as it continues its important work, building upon its previous success in assisting those in need who benefit enormously from its work at very challenging times in their lives.

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