House of Commons
East Lothian's covid-19 response
EDM #514
Tabled 20 May 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises the excellent efforts of communities, businesses, charities, keyworkers and individuals throughout East Lothian in its response to the covid-19 pandemic; recognises the essential NHS staff on the frontline caring for those suffering from the virus; further recognises the keyworkers in shops and care homes for their vital services; notes the role of community groups in supporting the county’s most vulnerable; further notes the commendable efforts of local businesses for their innovation in responding to the crisis; understands that this includes farms and shops adapting and changing to provide delivery, online shopping, and essential items; further commends the role of community groups across towns and villages in East Lothian that have provided volunteer-run on-call services to the most vulnerable; understands that those services include providing essential shopping, medicines and on-call support to people experiencing loneliness and isolation; acknowledges the difference made each day to people’s lives as a result of those efforts; and highlights that those endeavours are steeped in community spirit, simple acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and innovation during these unprecedented times in our nation’s history.

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