House of Commons
Animal welfare during covid-19
EDM #544
Tabled 02 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House acknowledges the excellent work of all animal welfare organisations during covid-19; notes that Cats Protection, along with other animal welfare organisations, is responding to a high number of inquiries including questions related to pets and covid-19; supports the actions taken by these organisations to provide advice and information on cat welfare to cat owners; celebrates the activities and efforts of the Cat Protection staff and its thousands of volunteers across the UK in helping cats in these challenging times; acknowledges Cats Protection and other companion animal welfare charities are facing funding uncertainty at this time; supports Cats Protection in rolling out hands-free homing to allow cats to once again be re-homed by the charity; is concerned about the potential for a kitten crisis given that it is now kitten season and access to neutering is currently limited; and notes that Cats Protection estimates that, up to an additional 84,000 kittens could be born, based on the number of cats the charity neutered last year and other factors.