House of Commons
Long-term funding for local authorities
EDM #567
Tabled 08 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House commends local authorities for going above and beyond to support communities during the coronavirus crisis; recognises their work caring for vulnerable adults, ensuring schools are kept open for at-risk children and the children of key workers, housing rough sleepers, coordinating the supply of personal protective equipment and distributing vital financial support to businesses; further commends the Government for the provision of £3.2 billion that may have been sufficient to cover many of the additional cost pressures and loss of revenue councils have suffered up to the end of May; however recognises the legal requirement for councils to balance their budget for next year and notes that without the announcement of further funding they will be unable to do so; further notes that if additional funding is not provided, councils anticipate a shortfall of £6 billion; and calls on the Government to agree a long term funding settlement that will allow councils to plan for the future with confidence and continue their phenomenal support for communities.

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