House of Commons
Midlothian Young People's Advice Service
EDM #568
Tabled 08 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates Midlothian Young People's Advice Service (MYPAS) on its award of £139,900 from the Henry Smith Charity; understands that this money equates to three years funding for a full-time counsellor to deliver counselling with young people aged 12-18 in Midlothian; recognises that MYPAS has been providing young people’s counselling and advice services in Midlothian for over twenty years; notes that counselling services are currently in extremely high demand; stresses the huge importance of caring for mental health during these uncertain times; and commends MYPAS for its role in providing facilities and expertise for young people to better consider and care for their mental health.

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