House of Commons
Yell Limited
EDM #579
Tabled 08 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes the concerns of small businesses and self-employed workers across the UK at the business practices of Yell Limited, such as Lynne Wilson of Barrhead, a sole trading language tutor, who invested a significant sum of money in a Yell contract which has produced zero new clients and which she has struggled to cancel; further notes the work of the ‘I Hate’ Facebook Group that supports businesses adversely affected by the activities of that company; notes the hard-hitting report produced by Danny Richman outlining Yell’s hard-sell techniques; and calls on Trading Standards offices across the UK to work together to progress complaints against that company and invites Yell Limited to co-operate with customers, Trading Standards offices and regulatory agencies to address concerns about their business practices.