House of Commons
Competition and Market Authority’s investigation into holiday refunds and Sykes Holiday Cottages
EDM #590
Tabled 09 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the creation by the Competition and Market Authority of a covid-19 taskforce to protect businesses and consumers from unfair practices; notes that the CMA has received over 60,000 complaints; further notes that the CMA has received almost 27,000 complaints regarding holidays and lettings while three quarters of the total number of complaints concerned cancellations and refunds; welcomes the prioritisation by the taskforce of investigating holiday accommodation, weddings and events and nurseries to protect consumers; expresses concern over the treatment of customers by Sykes Holiday Cottages; and calls on the Government to consider whether further fiscal support is needed for businesses to assist the payment of refunds and for further action to ensure that consumer rights are protected.

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