House of Commons
Plan for schools to reopen safely in September
EDM #621
Tabled 17 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House declares that children must be at the heart of the government strategy as lockdown eases; notes that research has shown that home-schooling has been inconsistent across the country during lockdown, with disadvantaged children faring particularly poorly; further notes that the best place for students is in the classroom, as schools provide consistency, social interaction, stimulating learning environments and promote good health and wellbeing being; urges the Government to work together with head teachers, parent bodies, unions and local authorities to urgently devise and publish a plan to safely resume education in September so that children can return to school if the circumstances allow it; and also urges the Government to consider as part of this plan increasing capacity for physical learning, recruiting extra teachers to cope with demand, ensuring all children can learn online who currently do not have access and measures that reduce the widening disadvantage gap.

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