House of Commons
RAF Voyager for Ministerial Travel
EDM #624
Tabled 17 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House condemns the Government's decision to spend £900,000 on painting the RAF Voyager used for Ministerial travel, red, white and blue at a time of national crisis; believes there is no evidence to suggest this will either boost international trade or improve diplomatic links; further suspects that this is nothing more than a vanity project; notes that during his time as Mayor of London, the current Prime Minister lavished taxpayers’ money on similar projects such as the failed Garden Bridge and the doomed Thames Estuary airport; and suggests that a better use of almost £1 million would be to purchase either 180,000 doses of dexamethasone, 60,000 school meal vouchers or 95,000 surgical masks for NHS and social care workers.

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