House of Commons
Our Lockdown and Creative Film Fife Network video project
EDM #631
Tabled 18 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the ambitious Our Lockdown video project capturing the shared experience of Scotland’s lockdown through the eyes of its people; recognises the collaboration of Kirkcaldy-based filmmaker MidgieBite Media, K107 radio presenter and podcaster Lisa May Young and Glasgow-based therapist Rainbow Lion Wellbeing, which will pull together footage of different aspects of lockdown life for ordinary Scots and hopes to explore the challenges of lockdown that many Scots will have faced; urges contributors to find strength in expressing themselves and tell their own stories; further congratulates the Creative Film Fife Network on the launch of their new website to celebrate and promote Fife's filmmaking talent; and commends Gavin Hugh and MidgieBite Media for the creativity and resourcefulness of turning the focus online to keep filmmakers motivated and inspired by showcasing and celebrating Fife projects during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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