House of Commons
Maxmur Refugee Camp Bombing
EDM #642
Tabled 22 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House expresses its grave concern that on the night of 14 June the Turkish Air Force bombed the Maxmur refugee camp in northern Iraq, despite the camp being a UN-protected refuge for 15,000 people, and that the Turkish Air Force also bombed the Shengal region of Iraq, home to the Yezidi religious community; highlights that Turkish forces have occupied northern Iraq and that Turkish fighter planes have bombed many villages in this sovereign country with impunity and without criticism from the international community; calls on the Government to make representations to the Turkish Government condemning this action; and further calls on the Government to use its position in the UNSC to seek to ensure that the campaign is brought to an immediate end and that civilians are protected.

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