House of Commons
School Meals Voucher Scheme extension to the summer holiday
EDM #639
Tabled 22 June 2020
2019-21 Session
This House calls on the Government to extend the school meals vouchers scheme over the summer; notes with concern research by the Food Foundation which found that parents of two million children have experienced food insecurity and that 200,000 children have missed lunch because their family could not access help during lockdown; notes with further concern that foodbanks have been inundated by parents unable to get free school meal support; welcomes the decision by the Welsh Assembly to extend their equivalent scheme to the summer holidays and calls on the Government to do the same in England; further notes that the school meals vouchers scheme is open to 1.3 million pupils and should be made more accessible to increase take-up; believes that by continuing this scheme it will enhance the health, development and well-being of pupils who would benefit the most, as well as provide much-needed additional financial support to the thousands of parents who have been negatively affected by the impact of covid-19, especially at a time when other Government support is withdrawn; and believes that the Government should act to prevent further inequality and reduction in education and life chances for children.

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