House of Commons
Eligibility of companies for Government covid-19 financial support schemes
EDM #637
Tabled 22 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House calls on the Government to introduce fair tax conditions on companies benefiting from Treasury-funded support schemes introduced due to the covid-19 crisis and that companies registered in tax havens should be excluded; further calls on the Government to instruct any benefiting business to publish a binding tax policy that explicitly opposes tax avoidance and the artificial use of tax havens, ensure that the consolidated annual profit and loss of the parent company is publicly available, with details of the associated corporation tax payments on a country-by country basis for multinational enterprise, and make clear who the ultimate beneficial owners of the business are and those with significant control; applauds organisations such as Fair Tax Mark, Tax Justice UK, The Co-Operative Party and Church Action for Tax Justice for campaigning on this issue of tax fairness; believes that it is wholly wrong for public funds to be bailing out offshore billionaires and companies that dodge paying tax into the public purse; notes that over 80 per cent of the British public believe that legal tax avoidance is morally wrong; and believes that both businesses and Government have a responsibility to do all possible to support and protect workers and services, but that this should be accompanied with fair tax conditions.

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