House of Commons
BBC Inside Out and Politics North West
EDM #655
Tabled 24 June 2020
2019-21 Session
This this House is concerned to learn the important BBC regional programme Inside Out North West is under threat as the corporation seeks to make cuts to programming; understands that regional segments of the Politics North West are similarly threatened; regrets that all filming of these award-winning BBC regional current affairs programmes have been postponed and the programmes look likely to be cancelled following an internal review expected by the end of the month; notes that Inside Out is a unique programme, rooted in the heart of local communities, investigating and holding those in power to account and telling remarkable stories of life across the region; further notes that the programme has helped to bring issues of public concern to national attention, serving a valuable function in the democratic life at local authority and constituency-wide level; and supports the call of the National Union of Journalists for the BBC to rethink the proposals to cut these vital, local current affairs programmes.

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