House of Commons
Dismissal of key worker couriers by Sonic Healthcare Limited
EDM #665
Tabled 29 June 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House condemns the decision of The Doctors Laboratory, the UK subsidiary of the Australian multinational Sonic Healthcare Limited, to dismiss 10 bicycle and walking couriers, who have been transporting covid-19 samples among other items in the middle of the pandemic; notes that key workers such as them have played a vital role in the UK response to the pandemic; believes that companies have a duty to do everything possible to protect key workers; further notes that the Health and Safety Executive is currently investigating The Doctors Laboratory over allegations that the company did not sufficiently protect the health and safety of its couriers; highlights that The Doctors Laboratory contracts with the NHS and plans future growth on the further privatisation of the NHS; believes that NHS privatisation is wrong and that any private companies currently doing business with the NHS must be held to the highest ethical standards; and calls on the Government to conduct a review into The Doctors Laboratory’s practices, which takes evidence from workers, unions, and NHS partners, and publish the results.

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