House of Commons
All-in deposit return scheme
EDM #682
Tabled 06 July 2020
2019-21 Session
There has been an amendment to this EDM.
That this House notes that drinks containers including plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans, cartons, pouches and coffee cups are a blight on Britain’s beaches, and that a 2019 Marine Conservation Society survey recorded more than 500 litter items per 100 meters of coastline; recognises that containers of all materials and sizes are littered and contribute to the waste crisis; further notes that countries with deposit return schemes see recycling rates in excess of 90 percent; strongly supports the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme for England, Wales and Northern Ireland incorporating as wide a selection of materials as possible; and calls on the Government to follow the examples of other nations and introduce an all-in scheme in 2023.

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Lloyd Russell-Moyle
"After "incorporating as wide a selection of materials as possible;" insert "taking into account the relevant materials and sizes in any deposit system;"."
Tabled 15 September 2020
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