House of Commons
Redundancies at Tate Enterprises and employment in the culture sector
EDM #695
Tabled 08 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes with concern the devastating impact of covid-19 on the culture sector and its workers; is aware that Tate Enterprises Ltd is wholly owned by Tate Galleries and controls two separate businesses across the five Tate sites, namely Tate Commerce, which employs 296 staff working in shops, and Tate Eats, which employs cafeteria staff; notes that the Tate has been one of the most successful galleries for income generation, generating between 60 and 70 per cent of its own revenue; further notes that of all nationally-funded cultural institutions Tate has been one of the worst affected by the loss of income caused by ovid-19 due to its success at implementing Government policy; is alarmed that Tate Enterprise have estimated a £3.5 million loss for the remainder of the financial year and have embarked on an internal restructure which will result in 200 redundancies across all Tate sites; notes that workers affected are low paid with a significant number at risk coming from the BAME community; is concerned that Tate Enterprises are preparing to close down operations entirely in St Ives where Tate is one of the few large employers in a town already disproportionately hit by the covid-19 outbreak and tourist restrictions; welcomes the announcement of financial assistance for the culture sector but fears that current levels are inadequate to avoid further redundancies; and calls on the Government to work urgently with unions at Tate and other institutions to save jobs and this vital institution.