House of Commons
Gary and John Gil Ladyton postmasters
EDM #703
Tabled 09 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates Gary and John Gil, postmasters of Ladyton Post Office, for being winners in the Post Office We're stronger together awards and Community Engagement category; understands that these awards recognise efforts made by postmasters across Scotland to keep branches open during the covid-19 outbreak and serving their community; notes that the work carried out by Gary, John and the team at Ladyton Post Office include setting up a snappy shopper facility, delivering groceries to customers in the evenings once the branch is closed whilst on a weekly basis they have made up meals and delivered them to the local hospital for the NHS staff on the front line; believes that their invaluable commitment to the local community during these difficult times is a testament to the community spirit that exists in the area; and wishes to extend thanks to everyone at Ladyton Post Office and across the whole Post Office sector for their tireless and crucial work during this period.

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