House of Commons
Media redundancies in Wales
EDM #716
Tabled 13 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes with concern the vast cuts to news media jobs in Wales; further notes that more than seventy journalists working at Media Wales, which publishes the Western Mail, South Wales Echo and South Wales Evening Post, have been notified that their jobs are currently on a redundancy at risk list; is distressed that staff at the Daily Post newspaper in North Wales are also at risk of significant job losses; is alarmed that Newsquest is losing twenty five dedicated staff while BBC Cymru Wales is expecting to make sixty people redundant; further notes with concern the devastating impact those decisions will have in muting the voice of the Welsh press and media in a critical time where the people of Wales require direct, relevant and clear information on contentious political issues the most; acknowledges the importance of the Welsh media in reflecting the values and the diversity of life in Wales; and asserts that that can only be achieved through committing to a sustained, adequately sized media workforce.

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